Writers Block

So you’re in the middle of a creative masterpiece, and then it hits you… an inventive standstill, writer’s cramp, writer’s spasm, mental fog, or what most people call writer’s block.

So now what? How do you get back in your grove?

Writer’s block is caused by anything from your own personal dilemmas, to the project itself, or even for no good reason at all!

No matter what the cause, it is possible to clear the fog and press on.

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Writing Believable Supernatural Characters

It may seem a little paradoxical to say that your supernatural characters need to be believable. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, multi-dimensional beings, and all the other varieties of paranormal personalities are based very much in our collective consciousness as being fantastical creatures, so how could they possibly be written to seem ‘realistic’? Yet, as with any of your characters, the reader needs to believe in them enough to get lost in your story and dialogue.

 Even if your reader doesn’t believe in ghosts, if your ghost character goes around eating hamburgers and feeling three-dimensional emotions without any explanation as to why they’re able to do that, your reader will start having so many doubts and questions in their mind that they can no longer buy into the fictional world you’ve created, and you’ll lose them.



As a new author and being self published, I really didn’t know the importance of tags. Like some who are in the dark about tags like I am, it is key words for your book when customers are browsing book categories. I was told the more you have the more likely your book will come up. I tried it…and beleive it or not it was true. Tell me what you think about TAGS?

C. S.