Meet the Boss…

BOSSLADY_with_brand title

What was I doing?

Working a 9-5 job was just not for me. Wait… I still work a 9-5 job. LOL!! Oh well its still not for me. Since I can remember I always wanted to own my own business.

I have work for Avon as an independent sales rep.

Started a jewelry business (SheNu) which I still do for Mother’s Day and Christmas.

I also wrote several books and started my own publishing company.

Yeah… I am a master at start-ups.

So what am I doing now?

I am helping inspiring entrepreneur who wants to build a business, but don’t know how.

I get asked all the time “how did you get started doing jewelry, or can you help me publish my book?” 

Doesn’t matter what business or side hustle you want to start, they all have to start somewhere.

I grew up in Northern California. After graduating high school, I continued my education and obtained an A.S. degree in Financial Services from the University of Phoenix. The lie of higher education helps you make more money is a scam! I had this great dream of making more money.

When I got my degree, my former boss said: “oh it’s nice to have, but your salary doesn’t increase just because you have it.” I quit! Is what I wanted to say. So I stayed there 8 more years.

12 years later I am was making enough to cover the household bills and buy me a hot dog on the stick. Love the corndogs BTW!

I created #bosslady because I wanted to be my own boss, help others, and have fun.

Let us go on this journey together, run our own business, and be the #bosslady!

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