Planners! Planners! Planners!

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Last week we went over time management, but how are you actually supposed to keep track of that time? Planners!

Planners are so essential for keeping track of your day, appointments, and even your personal activities. We often have so much going on and just expect ourselves not to forget something. Well, I got news for you, forgetting often happens; minimize it with using a planner.

When picking a planner to use you have quite a few different options. The two main types would be paper and electronic.

If you are a pen and paper person, you could really benefit from having a paper planner. They may require a little more maintenance since you have to be sure you are writing everything down in them, but it can be totally worth it.

Paper planners let you find the design that works best for you!

You want it to be aesthetically pleasing; I mean you will be looking at it all year long. Functionality must also be up to par. Think if a daily few or a weekly view would suit your needs better. They can be travel sized if you like to be on the go, or desk size so everything is easily available.

Electronic planners are everywhere in this age of new technology. They can be very convenient and have lots of extra features consumers love.

Many electronic planner options have apps available and can send reminders directly to your smartphone. Along with syncing to your phone, it can sync to the different applications that you might use for business, some examples being: Google Calendar, Trello, Calendly, and Zoom.

Things to look for when picking an electronic planner… Is it user-friendly? Make sure you can know the ins and outs of all its features; if it’s not easy to use it is not worth your time!

Does it offer a backup? Even worse than missing your appointment would be for the system to crash and you lose all your data for the year! Make sure that you can save it to your cloud, google drive, or whatever system you use.

It’s okay to use multiple planners!

Some people like to visualize with a paper desk planner but also like the phone reminders with an electronic planner. You are allowed to experiment which works best for you!

Tell me… What do you prefer, paper or electronic? Or do you use a combination?



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