Why I love MailChimp

why i love mailchimp


This may not be something you think of often, but how do businesses get out their emails to you? (Kind of like this one.)

You give a company your email and next thing you know you’re always in the loop on their promotions, blogs, events, and everything else under the sun.

This is called email marketing.

This is an awesome way to grow your business.

What you probably don’t realize is you might do something similar in your personal life already!

From sending mass emails to the family trying to plan that reunion or an announcement to all the PTA moms, you might already be email marketing savvy.

There are a few different services out there that offer email marketing. The one that I personally use, and would recommend to any newbie, is MailChimp!

I LOVE MailChimp for a few reasons: it is great for building up your email list, you can have up to 1000 subscribers without having to upgrade to the paid version, and it’s very easy to insert offers or videos.

I’m going to share my expertise with you in this video tutorial showing how you can use MailChimp with ZERO experience.

I will go into detail on how to get emails from customers, make a list to narrow down your audience, create campaigns, and even designing your own email (including a sneak peek into using the free graphic design tool Canva).

Check out my tutorial below!

Watch the Video

After watching, comment and tell me… what are your ideas are on how you can apply MailChimp to your life?

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