~Feature Author~ Galia Baron


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I am happy to welcome our feature author Galia Baron and her book

Searching for Lilith


Dariya Talmor sends herself into exile because she carries a shameful secret she must hide from the man she loves. She finds comfort in her artwork and her unconventional pious neighbor and settles into a life of introspection and solitude. But her life does not proceed as planned. A chain of unexpected events pushes her back into the world to meet a variety of wise women; some are her contemporaries, some emerge from the pages of ancient legends and sacred books. The women guide Dariya on a journey of self-discovery by teaching her about the invincible female spirit, one of which belongs to the mythological Lilith, the first wife of Adam.

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Galia Baron is an Israeli born writer and teacher. Her writing is inspired by her interest in Jewish mysticism, history, biblical studies, psychology, contemporary politics, women in the arts and literature. She came to the United States to pursue a master’s degree in communication and went on to receive one master’s degree in broadcasting and another in foreign language teaching. Searching for Lilith is her second book. She also published the semi-autobiographical novel Daughter of the Kibbutz, which is based on her unique childhood experience. She lives in Monterey, California.


Where to find Galia Baron


Galia Baron Blog



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