~Short Story~ Sleep

I buried my head deep into my pillow. I was to determined to get some sleep tonight. The past few nights have been brutal on me, my mind, and body. I knew I should have not let Lina talk me into doing overtime at work. We worked for a account firm in upstate New York.

OK, so now the time is 8 o’clock. If I sleep now I can have 10 hours of sleep. Which means it will make up for the hours I lost in previous days. All right time to close my eyes.

I closed my eyes in hopes of getting to sleep within the next few minutes. I laid in my bed. My room was filled with the darkness of the night. I let my body sink into to mattress and let the covers wrap me tight.

While I waiting to be drifted off to sleep, suddenly car drove by fast on the street outside. “Ugh!” I said out loud. Frustrated, I changed positions. Once the noise from the motor faded away. I was able to focus back into relaxing.

I sighed.

Then I reminder that I need to add the lunch meeting with Chad who is the VP of Marin and Brothers Association. I quickly turning on my light next to my bed and grabbed my phone. This will only take a second. I clicked on the calendar app and keyed in the time and location of the lunch.

When I was done I hit save, added a one day alert to the event, exited out of the app, turned, and clicked the snooze button on the side of my phone.

I sighed.

Now I can get some sleep. I turn off the light and rested my head back in the pillows once more. I relaxed my mind and let a heaviness come over me.

-C.S. Dorsey


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