~The Adventures of Kim and Kate~

Kim and her little sister Kate are the popular city girls in their metropolitan hometown. Their parents move them out of the city, and into suburbs where they only have themselves. The new challenge of moving into a new environment turns difficult when they encounter the Biker Mamas who are the bad girl, up to no good, neighborhood bullies. Things start to heat up when the Biker girls start zoning in on Kim and Kate. They try to crash their party, set them up, and cheat them in sports. Kim and Kate decide to befriend a group of nice girls called the Goodie-Two-Shoe Crew a.k.a. the Baby Dolls whom together defend themselves, and the good children of their school! Are you a good child? If so they need your help, come join them in support of their real life heroics. The adventures of Kim and Kate. ***CHILDREN’S CHAPTER BOOK WITH PICTURES*** entertaining, enlightening, exciting.

This book Designed for children who get bullied and children who don’t like to read.

1. (Bullied.) See how twin sisters use their brains and courage to outsmart bullies in a new environment.

2. (Illiterate) Those who don’t normally like to read. Develops fun for parents and children in reading by creating an exciting fairy-tale through rhyme.

Where to fine the author:
@KimandKate books


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