~Harbinger Chronicles (Book 1: The Harbinger)~ Christopher Huntingford

Title is: Harbinger Chronicles (Book 1: The Harbinger)

Author Name: Christopher Huntingford

Book Blurb: The kingdom of Alveus is on the verge of a Renaissance as it has positioned itself as the dominant economic power of its age. A war was waged that eradicated the remnants of the lands former inhabitants, with the spoils of victory bringing great wealth to the kingdom. All is not well, as friction has built between the king’s sons and factions are quietly forming around the countryside. Alexander Wolfield, youngest son of the great king, will find himself tested between duty and disdain as he discovers the ancient people, believed to be extinct, are far more powerful than anyone has imagined.

Bio: Christopher Huntingford steps away from his white collar job and into the world of fantasy fiction. A fan of fiction and ancient history since his early days, he challenged himself to write his own story. Four months later, the Harbinger Chronicles was written.

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