~Cat Fights!~

Today, I just felt like talking. I haven’t blog in a long time. I have been caught up in the wonderful world of the publishing industry. But I don’t want to talk about books or publishing today. Today I will talk about the cats that woke me up this morning at 5a.

So I was sound asleep in my bed dreaming of something, I don’t know what. Until I was awaken by the sound of a turf fight in my backyard. Hissing and rumbling in the grass were the sounds that I was awaken to.

I am not sure why the cats love our backyard and hang out back there.

One time I found a cat using our patch of grass and dirt as a litter box. The cat had no shame in what he was doing.

My mom and I always ask the golden question “why do they have fights, sleep, and poop in our back yard.” I guess no one will ever know the answer to that one.

How can I deny a cat to poop, fight, or sleep in my back yard with a face like this…


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