~~The Unsacred Gift~~ Blog Tour!!!

The Unsacred Gift Blog Tour kicks off on May 6th! Check out the schedule below! 
 May 6- http://www.yanovelreader.com – with the tour kickoff 
 May 7- blackwords-whitepages.blogspot.com – with an excerpt 
 May 8- justanotherbookguy.com – with a review 
 May 9 – pageaway.blogspot.com – with a review, interview and excerpt 
 May 10- justanotherbookaddict.blogspot.com – with an excerpt 
 May 11 – thecoverbybrittany.blogspot.com – with a guest post 
 May 12 – adreamwithinadream.blogspot.com – with a review and guest post 
May 13- paranormal-bookclub.com – with an excerpt and review 
 May 14 – treasuredtalesforyoungadults.wordpress.com – with a guest post

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