Chasing Pavements

Every time I think about Adele’s song “Chasing Pavements” from her debut album 19, I can’t help but think about myself and writing. Some days I feel like I am out of my league, and I should just stick with creating sock-puppets with construction paper. I think I would be able to create a really cutie sock bunny. All I need is a massive amount of yarn and beads and I am good.

But, no on a more serious note I think about all of the different authors (indie and major published) and say to myself, “Candice… what the heck are you doing?” I am pretty sure at one point or another major authors and writers have said the same thing to themselves.

“Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavement even if it leads nowhere?” (Adele 19)

The answer to Adele’s song is NO! I will not give up. I will just keep chasing pavements. And who cares if it doesn’t lead nowhere. That’s where my faith comes in at. Faith that one day I will get to the point where I give my notice to my job. To tell them you can have your Saturday hours, because I will not be working them. That’s my only grip with my job.

So my advice to those who are started out in this writing game and feels intimidated by the authors that are hitting 6 and 7 figure numbers in sales, is don’t worry. After a while your day will come. Success does not happen over-night it happens over-time. And only time will tell if you can make writing your career, or just a hobby.

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