Making Top 100!!

Ok, I am writing this blog and I am half sleep, but I felt that if I did not write it I never will. So, I did something that most self published authors did, and that was KDP Select. I was skeptical about putting my book up for free for a few days, but since the sales are very slow I decided…what the heck.

The first book I put up for free was The Antidote (Book #1 in the Lukos Trilogy). I was able to get 622 downlodes for free. That was cool, I though. But I wanted to try a different book, so I put The Unsacred Gift up for free download for 2 days.

I cringed the whole time because The Unsacred Gift is my first novel and very dear to my heart. I just wiped the sweat off my forehead and went about my day.

To make a long story short The Unsacred Gift was downloaded a total of 1297. Wow! I though, but that was not the cool part. It also made #3 in the top 100 Bestsellers in the Girls & Women category.

Never did I image that something like that would happen. Even though it was free, to be in the top 100 was still a honor for me.

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