To Blog or Not?

I was debating on if I should write a blog today. I really don’t have much to say. There is, however, a few updates.

1. The Lukos Trilogy is available as some of you may already know. 
2. For a 3day promotion the first book in The Lukos Trilogy is free which is The Antidote (Book #1). Please click the link for more info. The Antidote (Teen Paranormal Romance) (The Lukos Trilogy Book #1)
3. My next book (Bloody Rose) first draft is almost done. I plan to revise it for a month and then send it off to my editor. So I am looking to release it some time in April 2012. Wish me luck!
So, yes that’s what is going on so far. If something new comes up then I will share. Until then if you have any questions about my books, or about the character please feel free to send me a message.
Happy Reading!!

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