I’ve Had A Few!

It’s been a long while since I have blogged. I’ve had a few…meaning I have had writers block. It’s like the story is right on the tip of my tongue, and I know where I am going with the story. However, I think that since I have writing two book back to back my brain is telling me that I need to go sit down some where. Strangely enough I did not listen to my brain and wined up getting ill for 2 weeks. You would think the flu would have slowed me down…and yes it did. I took off from work to get my system back in order, and my brain to working proper.

I know what you all are thinking…when is Purr Island coming out? Well that is a good question. And the answer is before Christmas. So that mean I need to hustle up on my writing and try to get a least 5k words in a week. Which is a very low goal. Normally I could do 10k a week on a good week ;).

So in conclusion I need to get back in the game and clear my head. In the mean time I got a new bed. Check it out below…


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