Summer 2011 Book: The Antidote

Hello all,
I was not planning on publishing this book. It is called The Antidote which is a novella that I had wrote just for fun. But because I have added more to it and gave it a proper ending I convinced myself to publish it. I am in the process of polishing it up and then I will send it off to my editor.
Here is a new summer book by C. S. Dorsey
The Antidote
Sneak Peek: Alejandro Calderon is your average teenager, but when Francesca Rivera walks in his government class his life is suddenly thrown off. Who is this girl that has captured his attention with her mysterious looks? He makes every effort to get Francesca’s attention, but she is there for one thing only and that is to protect Alejandro from the Lukos (wolves) army. Francesca has no choice but to tell Alejandro who he really is as things take a turn for the worst. 

July 2011
Thanks to cover artist Defeenah @

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